Zone 6 BCGA Junior Golf
BCGA Zone 6 Junior Golf
    Dana Smith
     2018 Ladies
    Junior of the Year         
Welcome to British Columbia Golf Zone 6 and to the Junior Web Site.

BC Golf Zone 6 encompasses an area from Honeymoon Bay, west of Duncan, north to Port Hardy, west to Long Beach and the Pacific Rim and east to Powell River which is on the BC mainland.


We are proud of our young men and women and encourage them to embrace the game of golf through introductory clinics, competition and to pursue their golf as a stepping stone to education and career choices.


In 2018 we introduced the $25.00 Zone Tour Membership Fee ! This Fee does nothing more than allow you to enter the tournaments for the 'Member' rate as there is a surcharge for non-members. You do not need to be a member of BC Golf Zone 6 to join the Tour.


For 2019 the number of exemptions for Zone 6 Juniors to the BC Junior Championship has been reduced from 13 to 8. In light of this I must restrict those attempting to qualify for an exemption to actual junior members residing within the boundaries of BCGolf Zone 6 and are

'Tour' Members.

To Juniors who used PayPal up to May 6,2019 to enter Summer Tour events, your entry is recorded and the payment is secure.



Pat and Robin email

    Christos Vassilopoulos
    2018 Men's
   Junior of the Year
Our events require a competitor Registration Certificate and Agreement download here
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