Zone 6 BCGA Junior Golf
BCGA Zone 6 Junior Golf
                                      2017 Ryder Cup Winning Team
Callum Davison, Michael Wu, Nolan Brown, James Swan, Justin Geddie,
     Alonso Sabugo (6), Lucas Kulai, Daniel Bennett, Manny Lalh (6),
                                      Sarah Phipps, Ayano Takasaki

Although Zone 5 took the Trophy again, this time by a wide margin, I am extremely proud of my Zone 6 players. Many of you have never played in an event where you were expected to excel for two days and especially for 36 holes after 18 on day one. Our young ladies were great. One look at the smiling faces and I know my weekend was well spent.  Thank you to Glacier Greens Golf Course, the lovely lady in the Pro Shop, Bill Kelly and the restaurant staff. 

Well done Victoria and to Alonso and Manny, who we had to loan to Victoria to make for a fine weekend.






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