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Zone 6 Women's Financial Statements

Our Zone 6 receives levies (assessments) at the beginning of each golf season from all ladies club members within the Zone. For the past several years this levy has been $7.00 per member. Our membership is slowly declining which of course makes it more difficult to cover costs. The annual grant of about $800 we receive from BC Golf helps

These combined funds help subsidize our Zone events - Amateur/Senior, Champion of Champions, CTC, Net Tournament and the 4 Ball. The funds also provide some funding for Zone champions to travel to BC Championships, and members who wish to take higher level rules courses have some of their expenses covered. They in turn donate their time and expertise at our zone events.

Teams and Tournaments receive $2.50 per member of these funds to help offset their costs.

Junior Golf receives $2,000.00 to help run their programs.

Last year we upgraded our website and our scoring program. I hope you all have visited the website and enjoyed the changes. We also upgraded the radios used by our Rules Committee on the golf course, and we purchased flags for the Rules people.

The remainder of the funds are used for general expenses like meetings, executive travel, office supplies and bank maintenance.

We finished 2017 with a bank balance of $10,371.69. Our current balance is $9,987.33.  In the proposed budget I am estimating a loss of $945.00 this year. Without unforeseen large expenses we should still have a healthy balance going forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Executive if you have questions or suggestions.

Johnna Dodd
Zone 6 Treasurer

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