Zone 6 Women's Financial Statements


Zone 6 Ladies Golf 2020 Year End Financial Statement



2020 proved to be a challenge for all golf courses due to the Pandemic.  Usually the Zone collects Levies from each of the Golf Courses under Zone 6.  These levies are used to subsidize the following Zone events:



Champion of Champions

Club Team Championship (CTC)

Net Tournament

4 Ball


But, because many clubs either did not open or opened later in the season and with the Covid protocols in place these tournaments were not offered and Levies were not collected.  Our Teams and Tournaments ladies did, however, successfully organize virtual tournaments at the Club level.   These tournaments proved to be well within the acceptable protocols and saw many Ladies participate with prizes awarded to one third of the field per tournament.


Zone 6 did not collect funds for Dorothy Olive Franklin, Beat the Champ and PIN Round. As a result our Junior Golf did not receive funds to assist with providing support for Junior Golf.  We did, however, receive an Advance from BC Golf for $1,163.50 - these funds are given to each Zone based on the previous year's number of Women, Business Women and junior girl members, as reported by each Golf Club.


Needless to say we are hoping for a much better 2021 Golf Season


We started the season with a balance of $12,098.01 and after expenses such as Executive travel, new computer for Zone 6 Teams and Tournaments and payouts for the Virtual Tournaments we ended the year with a balance of $8,566.11.


I have prepared two Budgets for 2021.  One is in the event the Covid protocols continue to be in effect, and one in the hopes that we can go back to a more 'normal' golf season. 


Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or other Executives if you have any questions or suggestions.


Respectfully submitted


Judy Aldcroft

Zone 6 Treasurer

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