zone 6 women's golf

Zone 6 Women's Four Ball

Friday, August 17, 2018
August 3, 2018

Crown Isle Golf Club
1. Number of teams permitted may be determined by the levies submitted by each club

a. One team: Gross
b. Two teams: one Gross, one Net
c. Three teams: one Gross, two Net
d. Four Teams:  one Gross, three Net
e. Five Teams: two Gross, three Net
f. Six Teams: two Gross, four Net

3. Handicap must span 8 or less between partners at time of qualification. Maximum factor of 40.4

4. Partners must be from the same club

5. Score cards will be marked with an X when a player's ball is picked up

On your scorecard identify your best gross score on each hole with a circle. (see #10 for a description of four ball.)

7. Note that Local Rules on #4 and #16 at Crown Isle will not apply.

A copy of the qualifying cards must be sent in with the registration

9. Advise us of any dietary concerns

10. Click here for a description of Four Ball

Entry Fee
$150 Per Team
75 Per Player

No Refund after Draw

One Cheque per Club

Tee Time
8:30 am Shotgun
Please note

per seat

zone 6 womens 4 ball
zone 6 womens 4 ball
2017 Gross winners
see Deslauriers and
ally Dobler

2017 net winners
Marlene Horvarth and
Linda Stickney
Crown Isle

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Four Ball
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Event Information
Amateur / Senior
Champ of Champs Tournament
Club Team Championship
Net Tournament
Four Ball
Pin Day Winners
Beat the Champ Winners
Dorothy Olive
Franklin Winners

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